I Hate to End My Relationship with a Good Sewing Project

Jan 16, 2013

I love to add an extra touch to a garment, after it's technically "DONE." Whether it's my own design or a store-bought pattern that I want to make more distinctive, I usually can't stop myself from taking that last step to make it really mine.

The Arty Insert Skirt from Stitch Spring 2013
gets a striking detail with hand embroidery.

In many ways, sewing a project (if all goes well) is like reading a good book that you just don't want to finish. For me, reading a book or sewing a project is a relationship that, for better or worse, has a beginning, middle, and END. If it's a good relationship, I don't want it to END. And that's where hand embroidery comes in.

Take, for instance, the Arty Insert Skirt that I designed for Stitch Spring 2013. I found the skirt itself to be pretty interesting, especially because the fabric insert is a dramatically contrasting color.

But it was just too tempting to add that extra finish with the oversized running stitch outlining the inserted swathe, especially in a high-contrast black embroidery thread. While it's not sashiko, it has the feel of the Japanese decorative stitch.

Not only did I get to add an additional striking detail to the skirt--I also was able to make the relationship last a little bit longer.

In the same way, I underlined the skirt with silk organza to give it a bit more body. Underlining wasn't absolutely necessary, but doing so enriched my experience and the garment.

There was a time when I couldn't finish a garment fast enough. I wanted it off the sewing machine and on my body, and if I could have skipped the construction and sewing (if there were a sewing fairy who could grant that wish!) I would have.

But these days, it's the process and relationship of sewing that I want to experience and having the finished product to enjoy is a bonus.

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Are you more about the process or product in sewing? Let us know!

Happy stitching!






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