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My favorite book from 2012.

Hexagons never looked so good–
one of lovely projects to enjoy.

Sometimes the books that most catch my eye are not necessarily the ones that have patterns that I immediately want to create.

My favorite book of 2012 falls into this category. When Japanese Quilting: Piece by Piece by Yoko Saito first came into our offices, I knew it would be one that I would page through time and time again.

It's certainly not the brilliant colors that attracted me. Most of the projects are done in soft taupes, browns, and greys. And it's not that these are unusual items to be making–these are aprons, baskets, and coin purses.

But the design sensitivity, construction, and the exquisite attention to detail has me returning to this book frequently. Good design–whether clothing, quilting, or totes–has the ability to create a coherent story that unites all the elements. When I look at (and study) any of the projects in this book, I am getting a wonderful schooling in uniting texture, shape, and color. Although the projects are utilitarian–quilts, totes, baskets–each one is a precious gem.

I also love the combination of hand stitching and machine stitching. Machine stitching is used when most advantageous, and hand stitching gives detail and an ability to manipulate fabric in ways not possible by machine.

Add to this the exquisite photography, and detailed, illustrated instructions, and I will soon stop looking and start making one of these pieces. I have learned so much from studying the design, shape, subtle colors, and textures of these projects, I'm sure that I'll learn even more by creating them myself.

Sewing is such a wonderful journey. I'm thrilled to have met this book along the way.

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Do you have any favorite books or patterns from 2012? Now's the time to share.

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One thought on “An Assistant Editor Picks her Favorite

  1. I bought this book the second it came out and it is indeed a luxurious stroll thru new techniques & ideas. And I made the cover tote about 3 minutes after receiving the book. While it is a little too small in the finished project for me, I loved the technique and new take on the log cabin. Exploring “modern” quilting lately, I loved the non-conformity of this project. I plan on a repeat of the fabric construction and form it into another larger tote. And I went with the taupes having a huge stash of coordinating fabrics just waiting for me and the right inspiration. Have fun with this book. I’ve already fashioned other items with less exhaustive techniques, but the the same esthetic only less laborious. Fabulous beautiful book