A Sewing Vacation or A Vacation From Sewing

Dog Days of Summer Are Coming

It’s not even July and already this summer looks to be a long, hot one. The other day I had to hem yards and yards of satin and cotton for a dress and a skirt. Sitting upstairs in a hot stuffy room I felt a bit like Mr. Rochester’s wife locked in a hot attic.  Nothing like using a hot iron all day to really question your choices in hobbies.

soma swimsuit from paper cut patterns
This looks cool. The Soma Swimsuit pattern from Paper Cut Patterns.

Even with dripping sweat, I push on. My next sewing project is to finish a simple silk skirt. I need to finish a number of projects before I head out on a summer road trip. I can’t bring my sewing machine with me this time, so I’ll need to find something to do.

What do you like to do when traveling and a sewing doesn’t fit into your vacation plans?  I like to load up on sewing, quilting and home decor magazines and e-books. Plus, I always have a journal nearby to jot down notes, plans and future sewing ideas for when I get back home.

Currently, I’m browsing around for a fun quilt project. So many ideas to choose from, it’s hard to decide. To be continued on that one!

When I can’t bring a sewing machine I always bring a knit project with me when I travel. It’s the perfect activity to do while traveling. Bonus: I don’t get car sick when I knit.

What do you do when traveling? Do you bring a lot of projects, or take some needed time off?

Let me know in the comments section below!


Handsewing ebook
New hand sewing Ebook
Note cards and journals
Cute journals
Sew News Summer Issue
Sew News Summer Issue

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3 thoughts on “A Sewing Vacation or A Vacation From Sewing

  1. I usually have been able to pack projects and my machines to go on vacation. When that is not possible I take several books using my Nook since reading is my second love. DH usually does the research for the area we will be visiting and locates the fabric and sewing centers in the area. It is always fun to see different stores and what they offer. We went to shops in Iceland and the Netherlands and bought some unique fabric and got some new project ideas. If the machines can’t go, I get some projects done that require hand sewing before we leave. Sewing has been a very big part of my life for 67 years. It’s hard to leave home without it.

  2. Recently my daughter and I were talking about “earliest memories.” She said her earliest memory was of the pink Care Bear costume I had made her on vacation. She talked about running around on the dock with the big head attached to her body. I remembered that, but I also had the distinct memory of all the sneezing I did from the loose fiber fill it took to make that head so large. Yesterday my other daughter told me they were planning to spend Halloween in New York at her inlaw’s house and my grandson would need a costume that would keep him warm (we live in Florida so it’s not an issue here.) Immediately I had a flashback to the Care Bear costume.

    This year I am going to Vermont to spend a couple of weeks with the Care Bear daughter. Naturally she has requested my machine to come along–she has windows that need curtains and I have grey linen. She works at the Shelburne Museum which has a huge collection of quilts. For once, although I will be sewing, I might find I am a real tourist as I take in all the material objects on display. I wonder if a pink Care Bear will be peaking around the corner?