Learning To Sew *Slow* For 2017!

The Learning Never Stops

I have been working on a wool cape going on two years now. Last weekend I made a date with Marni, my sewing buddy. She is an excellent seamstress and knows the ‘old school’ sewing tricks. I brought my cape over with the full intention of me doing all the work. Well, she took over and did 90% of the work! Even though I didn’t do much, I learned A LOT.

Close up of coloured sewing bobbins in a round holder with measuring tape, scissors and pins on a brown background oak table.

Watching her trim, clip, press, rip out, re-sew, measure, clip, pin and on and on for three hours left me with a new desire to learn those fine details. Left to my own devices, there is no way I would have put that much attention into it. And, in my defense, it’s not because I’m lazy (although I am). It’s because I don’t know to do all those necessary things.

Sewing slow isn’t about achieving perfection (because it doesn’t exist and you’ll drive yourself mad trying). It’s about really taking the time to sew something well and paying attention to those tiny, almost invisible details that we might be rushed to skip.

No one will know that you used a clapper on your wool cape. But they might notice how great it hangs, or how smooth it falls off the shoulders. In sewing, all those small details matter.

Here’s to sewing slow in 2017! Let me know how you sew slow on the blog!


Jill Case
Online Editor, Sew Daily

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