Friday Sew-Along: Make a Mod Dress / Tunic by Alexia Abegg, Part 5

This week we are working on the Sew-Along for the A-LIne Mini Dress by Alexia Abegg, and we will be focusing on the bodice construction.. If you want to catch up, you can read Parts 1-4 on this blog. To get the pattern and instructions, download Stitch Summer 2015 from the Sew Daily Shop:


Step 20
 Step 21
 Step 22   Step 23
 Step 24
 Step 25

Step 26
Step 27
Step 28
A-line Mini Dress from
Stitch Summer 2015

Step 20: After basting the collar pieces, I stitched around the perimeter of the collar pieces. Note that the basting is inside the stitch line.

IStep 21:  The silk overlay functions as an extra interfacing/interlining. It’s important that there be no puckers when stitching the overlay to the main fabric.

Step 22:  Next, I put the undercollar and overcollar right sides together, pinned and basted the outside curve before stitching. The besting really keeps everything in place. It’s priceless.

Step 23: I stitched the outside curve of the overcollar and undercollar, being careful to keep everything smooth. Between the two overlays, two main pieces of fabric, and interfacing, that’s a lot of layers to stitch through. I used the overlay stitching  as a guide for the final stitching.

Step 24: Before turning the collar right side out, I trimmed away the seam allowance and basting to a scant 1/8 inch and clipped the curves.  .

Step 25: I turned the collar and finger pressed the curve in place rolling the seam toward the undercollar, before lightly pressing.

Step 26: Then I stitched the shoulder seams for both main and lining pieces. I decided tho have the turquoise bodice and jade skirt, rather than the other way around because the green shimmery overlay collar will look lovely against the turquoise bodice.

Step 27: I also basted the inside of the colllar pieces, but I did it by machine.

Step 28: After that, I hand-basted the collar to the dress neckline. I clipped the curve of the inside collar to more easily reach around the cirumference of the neckline.

That’s enough for tonight! Next week, we will be finishing the dress. Can’t wait!

Get the instructions and pattern for the A-Line Mini Dress in the Sew Daily Shop.

Happy stitching!

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