Flirty Paper Pieced Dress: Free Sewing Pattern

Piecing is a fun way to combine a traditional technique with a classic fit and flare dress with a circle skirt. The patchwork for this dress is paper pieced, and the circle skirt is made up of four quadrants which are each made of six pieced strips. The skirt strips are placed differently in each quadrant to create a graduated pieced effect. Download the pattern now to get started by clicking the link below.
You can also find all the instructions in the Stitch Winter 2015 issue.

Revised Flirty Paper Pieced Dress

Revised pattern!

Download Now

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6 thoughts on “Flirty Paper Pieced Dress: Free Sewing Pattern

  1. Have there been any corrections/updates to the instructions?

    I’m in the process of making this, and the directions for cutting and assembling the skirt pieces do not make sense to me. If I’m following the directions as written, column A will be made up of pieces of the same fabric; this can’t be correct. I re-read the directions several times, and have begun just cutting pieces for each column as I go along, starting with Column A. Instead of paper piecing, I’m just joining them as I would bias strips, and they look perfect.

    To confuse matters further, the layout diagram of the four completed sections of the skirt show columns A – F mirroring each other. Looking at the photo of the dress, this doesn’t appear to be the way the skirt was constructed.

    Also, since this is a circle skirt, doesn’t it need to be hung before hemming? Or does the interfacing keep the bias from relaxing?

    1. Circle skirts should be hung before hemming.
      We’ve had some changes around here so bear with me. I’ll have the editors look it over and see how we can straighten it out.

    1. All the instructions are in the Winter 2015 issue. The size chart is:
      XS- 32″-33″
      S – 34″ – 35″
      M – 36″- 37 1/2″
      L – 39″ – 41 1/2″
      XL – 42 1/2″ – 44 1/2″

      Length from shoulder is 42 1/2″
      Sample shown on model is a size S.