2017 A Sewing Year In Review

2017 was a great year for sewing, join in as we review our past sewing year. Take a look back at our favorite articles, features, tutorials, interviews, photo shoots and more for Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery. If you had favorites, we’d love to hear about them: please share in the comments!

Amanda’s Picks
Okay, I have to admit that my favorites from 2017 are probably a little bit selfish, but here goes!

2017 sewing in reviewIn the June/July issue of Sew News, I had the opportunity to interview Michele Carragher, the embroidery artist for Game of Thrones. Michele’s skill, level of detail and pure artistry blew my mind and increased my understanding of the female characters in the show. You can read the full interview here. Also, the cover project for that issue (by Meg Healy) is pretty fabulous! All around, this was probably one of my favorite issues of the year.

2017 sewing in review

Tina Lewis’s Pleats on Point project from our Aug/Sept Sew News issue was another favorite for the year. It’s officially on my list of things to try in 2018 – this striking technique is such a great update for a basic button-up. Tina explains the technique clearly and carefully…and it’s much easier than I thought it would be!

2017 sewing in review from sew news

I had so much fun with the Aug/Sept Sew News Sew Along! I’m a big fan of the Linden Sweatshirt from Grainline Studio (in the issue, you can see my six versions – but I think I’m up to nine now!). The sew along was so fun, followed by our #lindenlove celebration on Instagram. It was such a fun celebration of a great pattern!

2017 sewing in review from sew news

The staff Pants Pattern Review in our Oct/Nov issue of Sew News was fun to put together…and a little scary. I was newish to pants and a bit nervous about appearing in the magazine in such a big way. But I’m so glad we did it! The response was great, I think we give you a good feel for each of our (very!) different personalities and styles, and I’m so proud to have such a wide variety of body types represented in the magazine. Bonus points: I’m obsessed with sewing pants now.

2017 sewing in review from sew news

I also had a lot of fun putting together the Fabric Mixer column last year. I experimented with lots of different kinds of patterns and fabrics  – from  stretch lace to quilted denim to repurposed sweater knit. My favorite installment was the vegan leather-embellished Morris Blazer from our Dec/Jan issue of Sew News.

Kate’s Picks

2017 sewing in review from CME magazine
In 2017, I had a great time creating the Pet Poufs for the Sept/Oct issue of Creative Machine Embroidery. It was fun altering the Fancy Felines designs to match my cats, and an interesting challenge to fit the name “Romulus” into a single hooping along with the face! I think they looked great in the end, and I had a blast with the kittens at the photoshoot.

2017 sewing in review from CME magazine

A great thing about working at Sew News and CME is that you’re constantly learning new techniques, like the shrink quilting from the Aug/Sept issue of Sew News. I confess I haven’t tried it out yet, but it’s going on my list for 2018.

2017 sewing in review from CME magazine

I think my absolute favorite thing I’ve worked with all year is the Beachcomber Collection. I think it’s gorgeous, and in addition to making the project for the magazine, I’ve used it for multiple things since, including Christmas presents and to spice up a simple, solid-color dress. It’s incredibly versatile and fun to find new uses for.

Jessica’s Picks

2017 sewing in review from CME magazine
A favorite part of 2017 for me was making my first pair of pants, the Oceanside Pants by Blank Slate Patterns for Sew News’ Oct/Nov Pants Review. I have no idea what I was waiting for! They were a breeze to make and now I am on a pant-making kick!

2017 sewing in review from CME magazine
My top pick from Creative Machine Embroidery this year was Plush One by Katrina Walker. The article goes in-depth on how to master the art of embroidering on velvet, not to mention the GORGEOUS sample garment! Katrina made a luxurious velvet duster with tribal-like embroidered borders. If you haven’t seen this article yet, it is a must for the 2018 year because it looks like velvet is here to stay for awhile.

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