Free Motion on paper and felt

Discovering all of the possibilties is a great feeling!!! 

Stephanie Ackerman

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Stephanie Ackerman

About Stephanie Ackerman

Stephanie describes herself as …a “Simply Complicated” girl….A girl who loves the simple things and most of the time complicates them, in a good way. She is an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life where she gets to do what she loves for a living. A regular girl who loves GOD, family, friends, home, neighbors, my kids school & the teachers who teach there.  A simple girl that loves chips & salsa, ice from a bag and Fuji Apples from Costco. She used to drive a mini van & is not to proud to say she would go back to a mini van any day! (it is easy to haul around bikes, skateboards, boogie boards & skate ramps). 

At any given moment you may find Stephanie . . .praying, doodling, running, baking chocolate chip cookies, watching my boys skate, surf, boogie board, play soccer, or play baseball. She’s been seen helping with homework, doing laundry, coordinating fabrics with paper, doing more laundry, REALLY loving paper, sitting at the local skatepark, volunteering at the kids school, reorganizing my scrap room, turning trash into treasures, sewing, did we mention laundry???

Her self proclaimed mantra is this...

“Creating a Life that reflects my dreams..Living a Life that Defines my Purpose…”

2 thoughts on “Free Motion on paper and felt

  1. She has gorgeous talent as an artist but her classes are undependable and disappointing.  Just trying to keep things honest.  Have never written a negative review before but this one is necessary.  Truth will protect the uniformed.