Pinkie and the Blue Boy


It’s rainy and cold out, but spring is coming! At the fabric store, I could only buy baby pinks and blues in preparation for a change in weather. And this dress was a welcome change for me—it’s light and airy, and I could just see myself pulling it on over a bathing suit to walk down to the river. It does, however, firmly break my resolution to stop sewing summer dresses. Belted (and with tights) I might even get a chance to wear it before the weather breaks.


The fabric is a beautiful linen rayon blend. It is mostly blue, with some pink weft threads. Amazingness!


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About MadeByMeg

"Because you can't wear a thesis..." I am non-profit coordinator who gets restless sitting still. So I knit sweaters after work and sew on weekends. And I travel whenever I get the chance: along my way I've collected wool from the Andes and made dresses in Mexico.