REinventing my Wardrobe

I've never worn all of the garments together at the same time however I could I guess?! This shot was taken for publicity purposes and was used in my first workshop brochure. Because I'm REinventing all the time theres not enough hours in the day to wear everything I create so I have the occassional Give Away on my blog. 

REinvented denim jeans jacket over a REinvented dress which is over the top of a denim skirt REinvented from jeans.

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9 thoughts on “REinventing my Wardrobe

  1. Definitely wear it together!!-looks fabulously like one of those oh-so-effortessly put together outfits that it must have taken a couple of hours to get it right.

    I recently read (somewhere in a fashion magazine/site) that in order to wear prints together three things have to be going on:

    1. the patterns of each prints should  be of different sizes and types (a floral with a stripe or geometric; a polka dot with a stripe/larger floral, etc.,.)

    2.the prints should all share “common core colors”-that includes the colors as well as the hues if doing several colors

    3. the top layer should be a solid color, even if it is a print/texture

    …you’ve got all three things going with this outfit, so perhaps that could be why it works so well..but since you did it without reading the article, I.think I’m gonna start following your blog-not just for the good sewing ideas but because you’ve got a sense of style~