Foliage Capelet

A few Christmases ago my aunt gave me some beautiful Berroco Foliage yarn. It has since been discontinued (so no link), so I needed to find a project that was just the right size for the number of skeins I had. I've wanted to try some sort of shrug for a while (like the Crafster Circular Shrug, the Vogue Cabled Bolero, or theVogue Rose Shoulder Shrug), so I cast on for a few projects, but none of them were small enough. After some internet searches, I stumbled upon the Casting Couch's Hoodie Capelet, which looked perfect. It's got beautiful cables and stitching, and yet it's not too whispy or dainty like a lot of other patterns. It reminds me of being in the forest, like Little Red Riding Hood.

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