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Caplet, Stitch Magazine, Fall 2013

This was a great pattern for a first-time clothing sewist. The pattern was well-written and easy to understand. Because I used a re-purposed embossed bed cover, which was thicker than the suggested material, I finished the bottom using double fold bias tape.

Refashioned blouse

I refashioned and old, much loved shirt from JCrew to an Anthropologie inspired, girly blouse which is loved even more! The process is posted on my blog. Samina

Foliage Capelet

A few Christmases ago my aunt gave me some beautiful Berroco Foliage yarn. It has since been discontinued (so no link), so I needed to find a project that was just the right size for the number of skeins I had. I've wanted to try some sort of shrug for a while (like the Crafster Circular…

REinventing my Wardrobe

I've never worn all of the garments together at the same time however I could I guess?! This shot was taken for publicity purposes and was used in my first workshop brochure. Because I'm REinventing all the time theres not enough hours in the day to wear everything I create so I have the occassional…

Peach Jersey "Lace Ruffle Tunic" by Sew Daily

This was my first crack at the "Lace Ruffle Tunic" pattern you can download for free at Sew Daily. I used a peach jersey I had left over from another project, plus some lace I had on hand. My sewing machine light melted a few small holes in the lace (drat!), so to salvage the…