Messenger Bag from Old Jeans

My son's favorite jeans had been patched and repatched until he said one day "Mom, I can see through these jeans!"  He asked if there was something else I could do with them.  Indeed there was!

I used almost every last scrap for this messenger bag.  First I decided the back pockets should be usable, so they're on the front flap.  Fortunately, they have flaps that button them closed, so flipping up the outside flap won't cause the contents to fall out.  The back of the bag is made from one of the legs that I'd patched a couple of times.  My son loved the fabrics I'd used, so that became the focus of the back side of the bag.  I added the little coin pocket to that side.

Under the flap, on the front side of the bag, I made a big pocket.  I chose a bright flame pattern woven in shades of red and orange.  I used this same fabric to line the flap.  This fabric coordinates with the lining, which I made from a sweater, per a request by my son.  I stabilized this sweater with a heavy fusible interfacing, so it is no longer stretchy and actually provides a little cushioning for his laptop. 

Part of my self-imposed challenge was to utilize as much of this pair of jeans as possible, not adding any other denim.  The bits of the leg pieces not used for the front and back, I used for the bag sides.   Then I needed a strap………and there was the waistband  I liked the funky, worn look of it and chose to leave its raw edges.

My son loves his messenger and hopefully will enjoy his jeans for many more years!

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